iA creates digital products. We run small design studios in Tokyo, Berlin, and Zurich that serve great clients around the globe. Interested? Get in touch.

Selected Projects


iA Zurich

We offer UX consulting services, connecting the dots between design, business and technology. If you plan to rethink your digital strategy, need a design review, or a system analysis, talk to Chris Lüscher.

iA Tokyo

We form the digital shape of Japanese brands such as Asics, Nikkei and NHK Enterprises. If you offer products for the Asian market, or plan to introduce local products to an international audience, talk to Takeshi Tanaka.

iA Berlin

We realize product launch ads, company videos and motion graphics for companies like Monotype, Disqus and Jolicloud. If you are looking for great motion design services, talk to Pedro Cascao.

iA Labs

We develop new technology, business concepts and design methods like iA Writer, iA Emoji, and iA Iconic. We collaborate between Zurich, Tokyo, Berlin and Helsinki. Interested? Talk to Oliver Reichenstein.