It’s time to mark a milestone – iA Presenter will officially launch June 1st.

In response to your valuable feedback, we’re launching a much-anticipated feature: PowerPoint export. This feature allows for seamless compatibility with key presentation apps like PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

From today, iA Presenter lets you export presentations into PowerPoint format, broadening the ways you can share your work. Remember, the PowerPoint export feature is still in beta. Here is what it currently supports:

Feature Support
Text Style Text color, bold, italic
Lists Basic list without indentation level support
Presentation Backgrounds Plain colors and images (jpeg, png) with opacity support
Images png, jpg, partial support for svg
Image size and position Position and size (cover/fit)
Videos mp4
Tables Tables with basic borders
Code blocks Syntax highlighting and block background
Maths Support for formulas with default font size and color
Header and footer Slide number, date and custom text

Note: when you use custom fonts in your presentations, they may not display correctly on a system that doesn’t have them installed. Google slides f.i. doesn’t offer custom fonts at all:

iA Presenter deck imported into Google slides, PPT and Keynote

We’ll need your continued support to perfect this feature. Challenges lie ahead, but with your feedback, we’re confident we’ll overcome them. Don’t hesitate to flag any issues or propose improvements.

What you said and why it matters

Your ongoing feedback has been instrumental in molding iA Presenter. It now embodies the essence of a presentation app, purposefully designed for creating and delivering effective presentations. Check out this quick video, condensing the insights from over 30,000 testers into less than a minute.

iA Presenter Trial

We’re excited to announce the trial of iA Presenter, where everyone is now welcome to join. Sign up to get a firsthand experience.

  • iA Presenter Trial for Mac

You can keep sharing your thoughts and inviting friends and colleagues. You’ve shaped the design, tested features, fixed bugs, and even influenced pricing. Thanks for being part of this.