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How Much Would You Charge for iA Presenter?

– We could just ask you how much you would pay for iA Presenter. You'd probably want the lowest possible price. Just as we would like to charge the highest price possible. So what we do instead is tell you how pricing works. Then you tell us what numbers you'd come up with.

Introducing iA Presenter, the story-based presentation app

– iA Presenter turns presentations on their head. Its text-based interface cuts creation time to a minimum. The design engine automatically adjusts the design of your slides to your phone, PC, or projector aspect ratios. Presenting itself is fun, like Karaoke.

How Can We Make Presentations Better?

– Presentation apps haven’t fundamentally changed at all since the early 80s. In all that time they’ve never really solved the human side of the problem. As designers, we feel compelled to create a new solution, one with a slightly different emphasis. By changing our focus, we change the likely outcome. To avoid reinventing the wheel, it is useful to look back before moving forward.

Being Boring: What’s Wrong With PowerPoint?

– Our meetings take too long, our presentations feel empty and no one pays attention. Tools like PowerPoint and Keynote shape the way we live and work, and boring slide presentations are part of the meeting theatre. Could better presentation tools help change the culture of never-ending boredom?

Do Presentations Make You Anxious?

– We’ve been locked away, a cabin in the mountains, working on the problem of presentations. And it’s time to invite a few more people around the fire, to participate in the process. What’s your perspective on the problem?