Online sharing is now available in iA Presenter beta for Mac. This update unpacks our vision for a contemporary, frictionless presentation sharing experience.

The upcoming version of iA Presenter makes sharing and viewing presentations effortless across all devices. Shared slides are optimized for viewing on any device—desktops, tablets, or smartphones—without any manual adjustments.

Shared presentations bring two key features of iA Presenter full circle: Responsiveness and the separation of Visuals and Story.

  1. Sharing unveils the core idea behind responsive slides: No more pinching and zooming. Your presentations look perfect every time.
  2. Shared presentations showcase the versatility of separating visuals and story. The speech track can be displayed as subtitles and toggled on or off as needed.

1. Like Tik-Tok: Swiping Presentations, Full Screen

So far, iA Presenter’s responsive layouts may have looked mostly like a nice feature or just good basic design practice. It’s nice to be able to adjust your window in a Zoom meeting. It’s great to not have to redesign the whole presentation when changing from desktop to projector. With Sharing, the idea of responsive presentations comes to bloom.

Static Slides: Fixed aspect. Lots of scroll pinching in and out if you look at it on your phone.

Full Screen Slides: Presentations adapt to your device. Use your full screen estate and stay focused on one slide at a time.

The Old Way: Of course, in reality, classic PowerPoint slides invite this type of design.

The New Way: To keep your audience focused, iA Presenter is structured to make you keep as little as necessary on the slide.

Your presentations will adapt fluidly across all platforms. Content intelligently resizes and reflows to fit any screen, ensuring your work not only looks great but is readable, accessible, and easier to engage with, wherever it’s viewed.

2. Subtitles: Separating Story and Visuals

What happens to the infamous iA Presenter speech track? Where did it go? Taking a cue from cinema, shared presentations enhance your presentations with subtitles. Simply include your speaker notes when uploading, and they will be transformed into subtitles, enhancing your audience’s understanding of the content.

Google Slides: Google Slides have notes, but they are more of an afterthought. Usually we stuff slides to not forget what we say and to be able to share all information when we send them out as PDFs.

iA Presenter: Separation of visuals and the story. Click to reveal what the slide is about. Click again to see the visual.

The Old Way: With PowerPoint, we tend to put everything on the slide, especially when we share them, since not everyone is familiar with the Notes function.

The New Way: Simple, focused, separating what you show and what you say. The spoken text gets rendered as subtitles.

Built to perform, shared presentations use robust technology to ensure smooth delivery for any audience size. To start sharing, open the Sharing Inspector, click Upload, and witness efficiency in action. Updating your shared presentation is just a click.

3. Try it out

To get an idea of how they work in practice: click on one of the sample presentations below. Moving forward, we will also be sharing other articles in the form of shared presentations.

This article as a presentation: Read this very article in presentation form. See Presentation

Ten Principles of Good Design Dieter Rams’ Design Ten Commandments in 13 simple slides. See Presentation

If you have an iA Presenter license, we invite you to join the beta. If you’re curious about what you can expect technically and pricing wise, here’s a quick rundown:

  • iA Presenter subscriptions include 1 GB of Sharing storage for as long as the subscription is active.
  • On a promotional basis, single platform licenses will include 1 GB of Sharing storage for 1 year.
  • Later this year, you will be able to get a Sharing+ subscription upgrade for more storage space and additional features. This subscription also will be required to use Sharing with single platform licenses once the promotional offer runs out.

Looking forward to seeing more of your presentations online. So far, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of your work privately. This will make it easy to both share your work and spread the word.

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