iA Inc is getting into the holiday spirit by donning its Santa Claus outfit this December. We have a gift for you, bigger and smaller, every week.

Stay tuned for additional surprises coming up this month. Enter our raffle for a chance to receive one of the first few iA Notebooks delivered right to your doorstep.


iA Notebook

The Notebook for Writers

The first surprise we have prepared for you is iA Notebook, the equivalent of iA Writer in paper.

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And… Action!

Write screenplays in iA Writer

If you figured out our aural hint for this week’s gift was a film projector—well done!

Our new Fountain Template makes it easy to turn your ideas into a real movie script. Enter your email get the Fountain template, receive template updates, and future templates built specifically for iA Writer.


iA Markdown Dictionary

At your fingerclicks

A handy Markdown reference, iA’s Markdown Dictionary can be installed on Mac for use in any app via the contextual Look Up function or the macOS Dictionary app.

Whether you’re working in iA Writer or writing Markdown syntax somewhere else, quickly look up syntax or concepts by selecting desired text or term.

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iA Presenter Beta

For iPad and iPhone

Did you guess this week’s sound clue was the default iPhone ringtone? That’s because we’re happy to announce—iA Presenter is coming to iPad and iPhone!

You asked us to build a companion app for the Mac, and we built something that seemed impossible before. While the mobile version syncs with Mac, you aren’t chained to your computer. You can compose your presentation entirely on your mobile device.

We’re opening up beta slots to allow you to put the app through its paces and help us launch in the new year. Spots are limited, so priority will be given to those who are subscribed to (or have purchased) iA Presenter for Mac.