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We Architect Information

Founded in 2005 in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo. Today, iA operates as a global, distributed team of designers and developers. We build fast and beautiful information systems that focus on their core purpose.

At iA, we value simplicity and clarity in information systems. In an industry driven by sales metrics, features tables and shareholder value, our focus on quality, beauty and core purpose sets us apart.

Since the beginning, iA is a fully independent investor-free company without financial dependencies. This allows us to do exactly what we believe is right for both our customers and ourselves. We believe that the product reflects the way it was built. Only if it was built with joy it can be used with joy.

At iA, we value open, direct, and respectful communication. We believe in genuine interaction and avoid dispatching customer support routines. We are here to listen, learn, and ensure you are well-informed. We understand that improvement comes from understanding your perspective, and we foster a culture of mutual respect, clarity and collaboration.

We create products that are intelligent, careful, and effective in delivering their intended results. Simplifying and clarifying human/computer interaction, we prioritize essential functions and eliminate distractions. This results in fast, beautiful systems that you enjoy working with.

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