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Theme Builder

Presenter includes pre-designed themes to let you modify the visual aesthetics of your presentation.

If the choice provided by the built-in themes isn’t enough for your needs, you can create a personalized theme. For this, you have two options:

The Theme Builder is accessible online at this address: themes.ia.net

Basic Elements

The Theme Builder comprises a central panel that provides a real-time preview of the adjustments you make and a right-side panel with the Inspector. From the Inspector panel, you can directly:

To begin, choose the layout you want to personalize. Customizing various layouts is necessary for creating a functional theme. After selecting a layout, use the Inspector to adjust fonts, colors, images, and more.

💡 The Theme Builder provides you with a selection of Google Fonts. Once you upload your theme to Presenter, only those Google Fonts you included (plus system fonts) will be available in the font switcher in-app. If you wish to add more Google Fonts, please re-upload your presentation to the Theme Builder as outlined below and make the desired changes there.


If you have some basic HTML-CSS knowledge, you can enhance the theme’s style further by incorporating CSS:

You will see a list of “Presets” based on the current layout. Each Preset has a set of default conditions and some CSS code to get started. As an option, you can define under “Conditions” for which the styles should be applied.

When clicking Create Style, you will be brought to the Style file, where you can insert your CSS. You will find a template to guide you with:

Note that deleting the surrounding /* and */ marks on each line will ‘uncomment” the code and you will see it take effect in the Preview.

Upload in Presenter

Once your custom theme is finished, simply click the Download button in the top-right of the Preview panel. This will download the theme as a .zip file.

Open iA Presenter then:

This will open Finder. Select the .zip file of your theme (most likely in “Download”) and Presenter will import all the elements.

Once you see your theme in the Settings, you can start using it. You can select it from the Design tab of the Inspector.

Modify the Template

You can modify your custom theme by uploading it back to the Theme Builder.

This will open the folder in the Finder where iA Presenter custom themes are saved. Click on the theme.style file of your theme and drag and drop it on the landing page of the Theme Builder, on the right panel. The Theme Builder will open your theme and you can keep on improving it.

💡 Note that each theme in Presenter should have a unique name, so we advise you to change the name of the new version of your custom theme, or delete the old version from Presenter before uploading the new one.



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Custom Themes

For those comfortable with coding, built a custom theme from scratch with HTML and CSS.

Theme Builder

If coding is not your strong suit, use our Theme Builder to craft customized themes.