Full Focus on Writing

iA Writer is designed to keep your hands on the keyboard and your mind in the text.

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iA Writer

“Everything disappears except the writing experience.”–Stephen Fry

iA Writer gives you the experience of disappearing in the text and forget everything around you. We give our best to make our tools as simple, as calm and as affordable as we can. Separating form and content iA Writer lets you experience the pure joy of working with words.

Make your point in 100% plain text

The obvious format to write in is plain text. Plain text doesn't lock you in to one app. It works everywhere, built upon standard formats, stored transparently. Embed images, tables, and related documents as content blocks by simply writing the document name.

How It Works


iA Writer support covers general questions and dives into specifics about the latest versions of our iOS, macOS and Android apps. Please consult the support page for more information.

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