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In the rush of distractions, iA Writer opens a calm space where you can say what you feel.

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iA Writer

“Simple and Beautiful.” –The Guardian

We did away with menus and dashboards and options and confusion. We stripped away everything that might stand between you and your deepest feelings. So that you can pour those feelings out onto the page and write, first, from the heart. This is how great writing gets started.

“Everything disappears except the writing experience.”–Stephen Fry

Strong writing comes from inside—it needs concentration, courage and love for detail. iA Writer is a professional power tool that is designed to keep you focused at every stage of the process. iA Writer is not about features—what it does not is as important as what it does.

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Curious about the details? Our support section offers answers to all your burning questions. And if there is a question we’ve left unanswered you can always get in touch.