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Here is how it works on my channel: An expression that reestablishes hierarchy. Used when talking about a third person who is out of line. First spoken in a YouTube “The Fat Dispatcher” episode where the owner grows angry over comments that try to tell him what and what not to do on his YouTube channel. He first lists the demands of his spectators, then turns on them saying: “Okay, here is how it works on my channel…”

High Speed Camera: The rare ability to record everything a client says at supernatural speed and through a macroscopic lens. High-Speed Camera recordings are analyzed by senior staff in Post Meeting Group Meditation following the Elevator Rule.

Hit the Ground Running: One of many clichés that stem from the rhetorically sticky realms of sports and war. If you use expressions like “home run”, “rope in”, “ballpark”, “game changer”, “step up your game”, “war room”, “on target”, “maneuver”, “win-win”, “battleground, “fight”, and “under fire” you may hear “Yeah, let’s hit the ground running” as an answer. While we don’t police language for grammatical, political or stylistic correctness, we do retaliate (!) with unconditional (!) ridicule upon designers who speak like B-actors playing C-managers. We do encourage using clear language, including precise business terms and swear words. However, business clichés are a form of rhetorical Lace. Similarly, some German terms like “Abfrühstücken” are taboo for internal use.

Homesick: The ideal wireframe at its pinnacle moment. It emerges at the beginning of a project and we revisit it after a long, nerve-wrecking adventure. Beautiful and perfect, it is not subject to the unavoidable changes that real-life limitation demand. This ideal page is called Homesick instead of Copy of Copy because it will never be used in its pure form. When we open a Homesick file, we are driven by a feeling of home sickness, and struck by a sense of desperation and nostalgia.