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Magic Underpants: Used in the expression “They wear magic underpants.” Refers to people who expect you to work for free. Unlike Tire Kickers who know they are abusing your time, people with magic underpants have no shame.

Metaphysics: Synonym for basic assumptions, core beliefs or Opinions. Ultimately, metaphysics are a matter of belief. At the same time, any science is based on assumptions. In order to progress, we need to uncover and question our basic assumptions, and be ready to revise them if reality finds them wanting. Examples of our metaphysical beliefs are Everybody is always somewhat right, Entropy, Negativity, Threshold, and Interface.

Modular Design: Core belief. Rams’ eleventh rule: “Good Design is modular.” Rather than designing layouts, we use building blocks that can be combined with maximum flexibility. Container-based Information Architecture plays a key role in modular web design.

My Sunglasses Are Bigger Than Yours: On the path to Ego Death, you will realize that the life-changing design idea you just had makes you proud of having the biggest sunglasses in the room. To your peers, it’s just another idea. To the user, it’s merely Advertisement. Derived from the song by the now defunct Zurich band Pola Music.