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Fast Love

“Fast Love, iA Presenter in three Minutes” is the default presentation you will see when opening the app for the first time.

In this not-too-serious walkthrough, we break down for our first-time users the main features of iA Presenter and how to use our app to make great presentations.

💡 We highly recommend taking a few minutes to read it. This tutorial should answer the majority –if not all– questions you might have about the app.

Remove the Default Text

You can remove this default text by going to SettingsGeneral and deleting the text appearing in front of “New Presentation”.

Then, leave it empty, or replace it with a template/placeholder of your choice.

Retrieve the Tutorial

If you have deleted this default text and would like to get it back, you’re in the right place.

You can either download:


Presenter 101

A tutorial video series to discover in less than 2 min the features of Presenter.

Core Components

A quick tour of Presenter for first-time users.

Markdown Guide

Learn Markdown in a few minutes or refresh your knowledge with this guide designed for Presenter.


Your story-telling base. Focus on getting content down, Presenter will handle the design.

Fast Love

The default presentation you see when opening Presenter: a fun tutorial to get you started.

Presentation Tips

Great presentations are really great stories. It’s great stories that move people, not stock images, bullet points, or diagrams.


The interface of Presenter is in English but any Left to Right languages are supported for the presentation's content.