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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is for the iA Presenter software product family (“iA Presenter”), by Information Architects, Inc. To make informed decisions on what to improve, we collect some usage data for iA Presenter, as detailed below.

What information does iA Presenter obtain?

  1. Crash reports. While all developers receive crash reports directly from Apple, this can take days. To help us begin fixing any problems right away, iA Presenter will automatically send anonymous crash reports. Crash reports contain information on the crash, including device model, system version, plus the application’s version and build number.
  2. Anonymous statistics. We collect the following statistical data: timestamp, device model, system version, device language, app version, build number, feature usage, and anonymous installation identifier.

How is the information used?

In both cases this data is collected for the sole purpose of helping us to improve iA Presenter apps, and does not include any personal information. No other data is collected.

Do third parties have access to this information?

As governed by their respective Privacy Policies, anonymous crash reports are symbolicated by AppCenter, and may be shared with Apple when reporting bugs. They are not shared with anyone else outside Information Architects. Anonymous statistics are not shared with anyone outside Information Architects, except in aggregate.

Your Consent

By using iA Presenter, you are consenting to our processing of this collected data. “Processing” means using or touching the data in any way, including collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining, and disclosing data, in accordance in this Privacy Policy. All of these activities will take place in Switzerland. If you reside outside Switzerland, collected data will be transferred, processed, and stored there under Swiss privacy standards.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy and iA Presenter or our practices, or if any aspect of this Privacy Policy is unclear, please contact us via email at [email protected].


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by updating this Privacy Policy, and if the changes are significant by mentioning them in the Release Notes.

Last updated on 12 January 2023.

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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for the iA Presenter software product family by Information Architects, Inc.