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Version History

Find below the Version History of iA Presenter for MacOS.

Version Notes
1.2 Captions, Aspect Ratios, Mobile Layout
1.0 Public release: Welcome to iA Presenter
0.0 Beta Versions

iA Presenter 1.2 – Build 12020

Captions on images

On the very top of your feature request list was the ability to add a small caption to an image, mostly, so one could easily cite its source.

It has been designed to let the maximum place for your photos and also supports slides with multiple images.

The syntax follows the one already used in iA Writer

How it works: Write your caption in straight quotes after the file. /file.jpg “This is your caption”

New Aspect Ratios: Aka iA Presenter for your Social Networks

We have a growing set of users who are also taking advantage of iA Presenter for creating content on Social Networks.

We added 2 new aspect ratios, Portrait 4:5 and Square 1:1 to match the format expected by networks like Linked In or Instagram.

We also improved the Export as Images feature to export your presentation for your SNs in a couple of clicks.

How it works: Set the desired slide ratio in settings

Better layout on mobile

It’s no more a secret, we are preparing an iOS version of iA Presenter. Even if you’re not part of the beta, you can already have sneak peek with this new version.

It includes an updated and enhanced layout for mobile devices.

There is more!

Here is the full changelog:

1.0 – Public Release

After more than six months of beta testing, iA Presenter 1.0 is ready. Thank you for helping us get here!

We’re rolling out purchases, subscriptions, and a 14-day trial. We’re looking forward to your feedback about the buying experience.

After years of development, shipping a version 1.0 means a lot to us. And yet, this is only the beginning. We have a busy roadmap with a lot of exciting updates!

Version 1.1.2 Build 11002

Version 1.1.1 Build 11001

Version 1.1.0 Build 10100

Version 1.0.2 Build 10002

Version 1.0.1 Build 10001

Version 1.0.0 Build 10000

0.0 – Beta Versions

Version 0.9.1 Build 09177 – Beta 28

Version 0.9.1 Build 09176 – Beta 27

Version 0.9.1 Build 09175 – Beta 26

Version 0.9.1 Build 09170 – Beta 25

Version 0.9.1 Build 09169 – Beta 24

Version 0.9.1 Build 09165 – Beta 23

Version 0.9.1 Build 09163 – Beta 22

Version 0.9.1 Build 09161 – Beta 21

Version 0.9.1 Build 09159 – Beta 20

Version 0.9.1 Build 09156 – Break-fix

Version 0.9.1 Build 09155 – Beta 19

Version 0.9.1 Build 09154 – Beta 18

Version 0.9.1 Build 09152 – Break-fix

Version 0.9.1 Build 09151 – Beta 17

This version introduces a new bundle file format.

Existing presentations in zip format can still be open using the new beta. We recommend backing them up before opening and saving them into the new file format.

Version 0.9.1 Build 09146 – Beta 16

Version 0.9.1 Build 09143 – Beta 15

Version 0.9.1 Build 09141 – Beta 14

Version 0.9.1 Build 09136 – Beta 13 – Breakfix

Version 0.9.1 Build 09135 – Beta 13

Version 0.9.1 Build 09129 – Beta 12

Version 0.9.1 Build 09123 – Beta 11

Version 0.9.1 Build 09114 – Beta 10

Version 0.9.1 Build 09105 – Beta 9

Version 0.9.1 Build 09104 – Beta 8

Version 0.9.1 Build 09102 – Beta 7

Version 0.9.1 Build 09101 – Beta 6

This is a small breakfix version fixing a couple of crashes and a text scaling bug.

Version 0.9.0 Build 09099 – Beta 5

Version 0.9.0 Build 09096 – Beta 4

Version 0.9.0 Build 09095 – Beta 3

Version 0.9.0 Build 09093 – Beta 2

So, we have been at work since the last Beta. But we have not been sleeping. iA Speaker is now called iA Presenter and it now comes with a:

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