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Presenter includes a number of keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are always visible from the main menu, indicated on the right side of the action.

Note that you can change keyboard shortcuts and add your own for listed menu items that don’t have them yet.

To do so, go to System SettingsKeyboardKeyboard ShortcutsApp Shortcuts

Careful: in Menu Title box enter the menu item exactly as it appears in iA Presenter’s menu.


Working with files in Presenter, on top of the regular macOS shortcuts (Copy/Paste, Select All… you can find a list here: Support Apple).

Shortcut Action
N New presentation
O Open existing presentation
W Close presentation
S Save presentation
S Save presentation as new file
S Duplicate


All those shortcuts are visible from the Inspector – Text panel.


Shortcut Action
L Ordered List
L Unordered List
L Task List
> Blockquote

Text on Slide

Shortcut Action
- Slide Break
T Add Empty Slide
Body Text
1 Title
2 Subtitle
3 Heading
4 Subheading
5 Header 5
6 Header 6


Shortcut Action
B Bold text
I Italic
/ Comment
U Strikethrough
U Highlight
K Footnote
K Link

Math / Code

Shortcut Action
` Inline Code
M Inline Math


Configure Editor and visibility of panes

Shortcut Action
\ Show All Tabs
D Focus Mode
+ Zoom In
0 Default text size
- Zoom Out
S Show/Hide Thumbnails
I Show/Hide Inspector
P Show/Hide Presentation
R Presentation Preview


Slide navigation within the Editor.

Shortcut Action
Go To Previous Slide
Go To Next Slide
Go To First Slide
Go To Last Slide

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The Editor is where you’ll write your narrative, add visuals, and turn your content into slides.

The Thumbnails

Preview, reorder, duplicate or delete your slides.

Backups And Recovery

Lost your progress in a presentation? Wishing you hadn't deleted that slide? No worries!


Turn an existing Markdown text into a presentation in seconds.


Navigate the app more efficiently by learning the shortcuts available in Presenter.

Fast Love

The default presentation you see when opening Presenter: a fun tutorial to get you started.