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The Editor is the central panel, where you type your presentation, drag and drop visuals and separate your content into slides.

As the main part of the Editor’s interface, this is the largest panel and unlike the 2 others (Thumbnails and Inspector) you cannot close it.

You can modify some of the settings of the Editor from: SettingsEditor.

You can change the font between iA’s Mono, Duo and Quattro, set up the spelling and grammar (System-based) or smart substitutions.

Default text

When opening Presenter, you will get a tutorial showing up in the Editor by default, called Fast Love.

To remove it and start writing your own speech, select the whole text (A) and press delete.

If you want to remove it permanently, or replace it, go to SettingsGeneral and delete/ replace the text in front of “New Presentation”.

Start writing

The Editor is a blank canvas where you can type and format your text at the same time, thanks to markdown. You can as well directly Import a text, to turn it into a presentation.

To create a slide, type three dashes ---, make two line breaks or use the Text Tab of The Inspector.

If you need to select a specific layout for your slide, click the + icon on the top left of the Title Bar.

At the center of the Title Bar, you can rename your presentation, add tags, save the presentation somewhere else or lock it to avoid further edits. Just click on the title directly, to open a pop up windows.

The highlight of the titles and the cursor change color. This is to give you a hint on where you are inside a presentation.


is a cold start


is to warm up


is when things get heated


prepares you for a sweet end


is the afterglow

The colors in the Editor are independant of the theme selected for your slides, they won’t change even with a monochrome theme.

Focus Mode

To cut all distractions when writing your speech, you can hide both The Thumbnails and The Inspector panels to have the Editor in full-screen.

On top of that, iA Writer’s famous Focus Mode has been integrated into iA Presenter! If you are a Writer aficionado, you will feel at home.

The Focus Mode can be enabled from:

Slightly different from the features of iA Writer, Presenter’s Focus Mode is by slide: the slide where your cursor is will appear as regular text, while the slides before and after will fade.



The Editor in iA Presenter is the first interface element you will see when opening the app.

The Thumbnails

The left-panel of the Editor gives you a preview of your slides.

The Inspector

A 3-in-1 Inspector panel to help you write and design your presentation.


By default, iA Presenter uses a bundle file format.


Presenter includes a number of keyboard shortcuts. They are always visible from the main menu, indicated on the right side of the action.