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The Editor is the central panel, where you type your presentation, drag and drop visuals, and separate your content into slides.

Very similar to the experience you would get in iA Writer, the minimalist design helps you get focused and write your story.

If needed, you can modify some of the settings of the Editor from: SettingsEditor. For example switching the font between iA’s Mono, Duo and Quattro, setting up the spelling and grammar, or smart substitutions.

Start Writing

The Editor is a blank canvas where you can type and format your text at the same time, thanks to Markdown. You can also import an existing text to turn it into a presentation, from iA Writer for example.

To create a slide, either type three dashes ---, make two line breaks, or use the Text Tab of The Inspector.

If you need a specific layout for your slide, click the + icon on the top-left of the Title Bar.

At the center of the Title Bar, you can:

Click on the title directly, to open a pop-up window.

On the bottom-right of the Editor, a Timer gives you an estimate of how long your presentation will take, based on the Speaker’s Notes. This estimate update in real-time as you write in the Editor.

The Text Tab

If you are not familiar with Markdown yet, the Text Tab of the Inspector is here to help you format your presentation (tables, bold or italic, headings…) with just a few clicks.

You can show or hide the Inspector in 3 different ways:

The first category, Speech will not appear on your slides, only on your Speaker’s Notes. To have one of those elements appear in your slides, add a tab in front of it.

Focus Mode

To cut all distractions when writing your speech, you can hide both The Thumbnails and the Inspector panels to have the Editor on full-screen.

Moreover, iA Writer’s famous Focus Mode has been integrated into iA Presenter. If you are a Writer aficionado, you will feel at home.

The Focus Mode can be enabled from:

Slightly different from the features of iA Writer, Presenter’s Focus Mode is by slide: the slide where your cursor is will appear as regular text, while the slides before and after will fade. This helps you stay fully focused on your current idea.

Multi-Color Code

The highlight around the titles and the cursor changes color from blue to gold. This is to give you a hint of where you are inside a presentation.


is a cold start


is to warm up


is when things get heated


prepares you for a sweet end


is the afterglow

The color in the Editor is independent of the theme selected for your slides, it won’t change even with a monochrome theme.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing a problem that our support section doesn’t solve please reach out to us. We take a break on the weekends (JST), but during weekdays we aim to reply within 1-2 business days.



The first interface you see when opening the app, and where you write your content.

The Thumbnails

Preview, reorder, duplicate or delete your slides.

Backups And Recovery

Lost your progress in a presentation? Wishing you hadn't deleted that slide? No worries!


Turn an existing Markdown text into a presentation in seconds.


Navigate the app more efficiently by learning the shortcuts available in Presenter.

Fast Love

The default presentation you see when opening Presenter: a fun tutorial to get you started.