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iA Presenter comes with a set of built-in themes ready to use, with a responsive design.

Our themes are named after renowned cities like Tokyo, Paris, New York, and Copenhagen. This choice makes them easily memorable and enjoyable, as they play with people’s perceptions of these specific places.

Through the use of color palettes, typography, and overall atmosphere, Presenter’s themes capture the distinctive design characteristics associated with each city.

Selecting a Theme

To explore the available themes and choose a new one for your presentation, navigate to the Inspector. From there, go to the Design Tab and click the scrolling menu in front of Theme. If you upload a custom theme to Presenter, it will appear at the bottom of this list.

All the themes come in two versions: Light or Dark.

Opiniated: NY & Basel

New York


Vibrants: San Francisco & LA

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Pastels: Copenhagen & Vancouver



Colorful: Tokyo & Milano



Classics: Zurich & Paris



By incorporating references to cities, we open up possibilities for even more creativity. Imagine crafting a unique Harajuku custom theme inspired by the vibrant design elements of Tokyo, or a Montmartre theme that captures the artistic style of Paris.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing a problem that our support section doesn’t solve please reach out to us. We take a break on the weekends (JST), but during weekdays we aim to reply within 1-2 business days.



Select a theme a slightly tweak it from the Design Menu


Add your text and images, and Presenter picks the right layout for you.


Adding images to your presentations is as simple as a drag and drop.


How to add local videos and use the YouTube integrator tool.


Explore the variety of themes offered in the app and delve into the design principles that shaped each of them.

Custom Themes

For those comfortable with coding, built a custom theme from scratch with HTML and CSS.