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Navigate Your Slides

Like with most presentation software, Presenter lets you navigate through your slides using either your mouse, keyboard, or a remote controller.

Based on your setup, you can navigate by Speaker Notes or by slides.

By Slides: you will navigate from title to title, a convenient approach when the Speaker Notes are limited.

By Notes: you will scroll down through each element progressively (title, notes, next title…). Very helpful when the Speaker Notes are consequent, this is where the teleprompter shines.

Mouse & Trackpad

With your mouse/ trackpad, you will by default navigate by notes, scrolling up or down the whole content of your presentation.

You can navigate by slides directly with the slides navigation button on the bottom right. On the bottom left, another button lets you navigate by notes.

Computer’s Keyboard

With your keyboard, you can navigate either by slides or notes. These are the default settings for the keys:

Notes navigation Slides navigation
Scroll up the notes Go to the previous slide
/ Space bar Scroll down the notes Go to the next slide

Within the Settings, you can configure the navigation keys to suit your preferences. Go to iA PresenterSettingsPresentation and select the desired keys.

Remote Controllers

We haven’t created Presenter with a specific setup or tools in mind. You can use any kind of device compatible with your hardware to switch slides.

Remote controller devices generally navigate by slides, but you can customize the keys the same way it is done for keyboards (please see the previous paragraph).

An alternative is to reassign the keys on your remote controller directly. Depending on your device, online tutorials are available to guide you through the process of remapping your controller.

In case of an issue, it is always a good idea to check the documentation of the remote control itself, which might indicate different setups for different software.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing a problem that our support section doesn’t solve please reach out to us. We take a break on the weekends (JST), but during weekdays we aim to reply within 1-2 business days.


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