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Export your presentation for sharing it. Depending on the format you chose, the slides –and the Speaker Notes– are ready for print, web publishing or to be opened on other apps for collaboration.

By default, iA Presenter uses a bundle file format. Bundles are a great way to package collections of files on Apple systems and they appear as regular folders elsewhere. This seemed a reliable choice for this first version of iA Presenter on macOS.

Markdown Export

You can export your presentation to a regular Markdown file. The content on your slides together with your Speaker Notes will appear just like how you wrote them in the Editor.

All local images used in the document will be exported to the same folder, in the “Media”.

Markdown export offers simplicity, high portability, and compatibility with a wide range of apps, making it a favored choice for many writers, developers, and content creators.

PDF Export

iA Presenter has a high-quality PDF export with a variety of print-ready layouts. This is the best option if you need to share your presentation in a paper-friendly format.

Share only the slides, the Speaker Notes, or both. You can choose as well the orientation and paper format.

Seven layouts to choose from:

HTML Export

The HTML export allows you to make your slides available on your website.

It will generate a full package containing, your presentation, your graphics, and the Javascript rendering engine.

Once exported, upload the files to your favorite hosting solution (e.g., GitHub Pages) to share it with your audience.

The result will be as interactive as your live presentation with the rendering of dynamic elements such as videos or audio, and the responsive design.

PPTX Export

This popular feature request is still in Beta.

Export both your slides and Speaker Notes in the most common presentation format to reach out to any audience. Compatible with widely-used presentation software in academics and the corporate world such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

Besides reading, PPTX files can be useful to share with others for collaboration if they don’t have access to Presenter yet.

Images Export

This popular feature request is still in Beta.

Export your slides as .png images to easily integrate them into other software applications.

A folder with images of your slides will be created: one slide → one .png file.



Share your presentation to your audience as Markdown, PDF, HTML, PPTX or Images.

Presentation Mode

How to use the teleprompter: read your notes and get a preview of your slides.

Remote controllers

Many of you do presentations with a remote controller. We have created iA Presenter with this in mind.

Custom Themes

You can change the style of a presentation at different levels.

Presenting Online

Project the slides to your audience while you check the teleprompter.