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Presentation Mode

The Presentation Mode is the second interface in iA Presenter that you will be using, together with the Editor.

From here, you can visualize your presentations with your slides and your notes.

Play Presentation

You can enable the Presentation Mode in 3 ways:

You can choose between two displays for your notes: the thumbnails or speaker notes mode.

The Thumbnails Mode

Press the top-left button on the toolbar to make the thumbnails bigger than your notes. This mode is useful when you cannot clearly see your slides (using iA Presenter in full screen, for example) and have limited speaker notes.

The Speaker Notes Mode

This is the default display, where your notes appear bigger than the thumbnails of the slides. You can activate it with the second top-left button on the toolbar.

To stop the presentation and go back to the Editor (default interface), either:

The timer

You can see how long you have been presenting for with the timer on the right side of the toolbar.

You can reset the timer at any moment of your presentation to start again from 0. Simply click directly on the timer then click on the Reset Timer pop-up button.

This is not the only place where you will find a timer in iA Presenter! In the Editor, you can see the total duration of your presentation and the duration per slide (mouse over the desired thumbnail to see the timer appearing).

With those estimates in mind, you can better anticipate your presentation and regulate your flow, having a proper idea if you are being too fast or too slow.

Navigating your slides

Depending on your setup, you will either control your presentation directly from your computer or with a remote controller. In the latter case, you can find more information and troubleshooting steps to follow if you encounter any issues in our section Troubleshooting.

In iA Presenter, you have two ways to navigate: by notes or slides.

With your mouse/ trackpad, you will navigate by notes, scrolling up or down the whole content of your presentation. You can navigate by slides directly with the slides navigation button on the bottom right. On the bottom left, another button lets you navigate by notes.

With your keyboard, you can navigate either by slides or notes:

Notes navigation Slides navigation
Scroll up the notes Go to the previous slide
/ Space bar Scroll down the notes Go to the next slide

About that funky multi-color code

We use color to give you an additional hint about where you are inside a presentation. The cursor changes color, too!


is a cold start


to warm up


when things get heated


prepares you for a sweet end


the afterglow

Note that there is no link between the color of the cursor and the theme selected for your slides: it will always go from blue to yellow.



Export as Markdown, PDF, or HTML

Presentation Mode

Here, you can visualize your presentations with your slides and your notes.

Remote controllers

Many of you do presentations with a remote controller. We have created iA Presenter with this in mind.

Custom Themes

You can change the style of a presentation at different levels.

Presenting Online

Project the slides to your audience while you check the teleprompter.