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Social Media

Presenter includes two slide layouts tailored to meet the requirements of major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram.

To easily share your presentation on social media, start by selecting the appropriate slide layout from SettingsPresentationFixed aspect ratio. Depending on the platform’s specifications, choose either the Portrait 4:5 or Square 1:1 format.

Next, export your slides as either images or PDF format, depending on the platform requirements.

Image Galleries

To create an image gallery, select the appropriate slide layout (Portrait or Square) and use the Images export option.

Below is a step-by-step guide, using LinkedIn as an example.

How it works: Set the desired slide ratio in settings.

Slides in shareable square format: All your slides in a static image format, ready to share.

Step 1: Add Media.

Step 2: Choose the images of your gallery/slide show.

Step 3: Sort, write alt texts and delete unwanted pictures.

Last Step: Post.

The same process can be used to export images for TikTok, Instagram, Mastodon, and other Social Networks.

LinkedIn Slide Shows

For LinkedIn, you have the option to import a PDF as a slideshow. Start by setting the slide format (Square 1:1 works best) and exporting it as a PDF. Then, upload the PDF as a document, and LinkedIn will automatically generate a slideshow from it.

Here’s an overview of the process:

Set format: Similar to exporting image galleries, you need to set the aspect ratio in settings.

Export PDF: Export your square formatted slide show to PDF.

Step 1: Click More, then Add Document.

Step 2: Add the PDF that you exported previously.

Step 3: Write a document title.

Last Step: Write an intro text and post.

Result: This is how image galleries look.

Typographic tip: Use Apply Smart punctuation to make sure that your quotation marks and apostrophes look nice.

💡 Slide shows on LinkedIn will require a bit more text than your regular presentation where you have a speech and a visual track. You might have to show some parts of your speech on the slide, but to keep viewers engaged, keep the amount of text as minimal as possible.

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Social Media

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