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Year: 2007

This is madness! No, This is Radiohead

– The release of music for free online is certainly no new thing, with many bands finding success through file-sharing. That fill-sharing kills the record industry is also nothing new, however Radiohead recently made it official by showing that it's possible the make and reach millions without either. >

Branding Crimes: 4. The Start-Button

– We have hated this thing for over 12 years now—the button that launches a pull-up menu. Only the twisted minds over at Redmond could come up with this. Yeah, I know it's not a real "Start" button anymore, with Vista it's become more of a clickable logo like the Macintosh one. But, after all this time, it is still a push-up menu. And that is another major branding crime. Why? >

Branding Crimes: 2. Stealing Interfaces

– A wonderful example of what not to do if you believe that Brand = Interface. Copying interfaces defines you as a second choice company. >

Branding Crimes: 1. Missing Logo

– The Interface is the brand—but few interfaces qualify to leave out the main orientational element—the logo. >

Face Off: The Essentials of Online Rebranding

– A company may choose to rebrand itself because of a merger, a bankrupting scandal, or because they simply have outgrown their name. These are solid reasons; however, on the web, rebranding should be considered with the caution of a face transplant. >

Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

– We have done it before, and now we’ve done it again—the poster of most successful websites, mapped to the Tokyo Subway, is back! >

A Word on Design Value

– The other day we got a telephone call from a business man that planned to "exponentially increase" his Internet performance. His budget? $1,000. >

Newspaper Wiki: Schematics

– The last couple of days we have received some excellent feedback on our article “Washington Post Redesign as a Wiki”. First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to study our problem and form an opinion. To be able to receive input from the best people in the field is rare and rewarding. We got lots of applause, together with some questions and reservations. >

wiki型新聞再構築(Washington Postデザイン考察)

– 前回の記事には多くの反響をいただきました。特に、どゆこと?という詳細へのご要望が多かったのが >

Washington Post Redesign as a Wiki

– After our last post on “The Future of News” we have been asked again and again to illustrate what a newspaper as a wiki would look like. We’re happy to oblige… >

Web Ad Spend Overtakes Newspapers

– Earlier this year we speculated that in 2007 "Big ad investments start streaming in". Our prognosis was heavily understated. >

The Future of News: How to Survive the New Media Shift

– News organizations cannot continue to ignore the global shift from institutionally-controlled media to user-controlled media. They have to redefine their processes and face the obvious question: Do we still need old media for news? >

10 Newspaper Myths Deconstructed

– The San Francisco Chronicle is in financial trouble. InfoWorld stops printing. Time Magazine redesigns its print edition and fires 50 people. Quo vadis, newspapers? >

Understanding New Media

– You often hear people saying that other people understand or don't understand the media. Funny enough that the appreciative "he/she understands the media" is applied to success in old media, while "he/she does not understand the media" is applied to old media people fumbling with the Internet. >

USA Today: Mission Accomplished

– When I read this morning that USA Today "refashions itself as a social network", I got a little shock as I was worried that they are going to eat our client's lunch. Fear nothing, client. Among information designers the USA Today redesign is a laughing stock. >

Pushers and Spammers Should Pay

– The amount of spam and flooding blogs and mailboxes is getting worse and worse and worse. How should we stop it? >

How to Compete With Free

– You should read Mike's latest article several times. Not because it's hard to understand, but because it's amazing stuff. Read it again and again and then read through a whole series of his related articles. >

Tirekickers & Co. Ltd.

– Yes, we still get requests from people that want us to work for free or deliver comps and sketches “just to see”. And we did some work for tire kickers in the past and once got really screwed by a couple of con-men. So actually we do have some advice for young creative companies and students that work in our field. >

Web Trend Map: Reactions

– What started as a fun new years card made quite a few waves. The Web Trend Map’s reception so far… >

iPhone NanoとiPhone Shuffle

– そして再び、Appleが私たちの信条としているセオリー「ブランド=インターフェイス」を証明してくれました。言うまでもなく、私はこの小さなミラクルとでも呼ぶべきiPhone、発売と同時に手に入れたいと思っています。 >

Introducing iPhone Nano & Shuffle

– Apple's iPhone proves again that user experience is brand experience. But I'm still unsure if I really want one; they're kind of too big and too complicated for an old man like me. >