Kickstarted: iA Writer for Windows

iA Writer for Windows has been a long time coming. Ever since we first launched iA Writer for Mac people have asked, “Will you make a Windows version?” After over two Million downloads on iOS, Mac and Android, we’re excited to bring iA Writer to the world’s largest desktop platform. And to fulfill the vision we have for this app, we’ve just launched our first-ever Kickstarter campaign.

Why iA Writer?

Distractions allow us to delay the moment of truth where we need to show who we really are, what we can really do, where we need to expose ourselves, prove ourselves, and ultimately face the mirror of reality. That is why getting started with important matters is particularly hard. When we are about to do something that is important, we are most likely to procrastinate. So we don’t need to face others and ultimately ourselves. We procrastinate to protect ourselves.

We might get rejected. We might get no response. We might find out that we are not as great as we hope to be. And while we procrastinate, others advance. This is why it so hard to start with that novel, publish that blog post, make that call, or write that proposal.

The only way to fight that fear is focussing. Focussing no matter what. Focussing against all odds. Focus to get started, then get it done. Starting and finishing need courage. There is no app or tool that will give you courage. But there are environments that encourage distraction. And there are environments that encourage you to focus.

Why Kickstarter?

For an app to scale well, you need lots of polish and lots of testing. It is relatively easy to make an app that runs on one iPad. Making an app that runs of hundreds of thousands of different computers with different versions of Windows is another challenge. Knowing how tough it is to design and code for Android, with its 50,000 different devices, we have long shied away from building Windows apps.

More and more of you have asked us to please build a Windows app, and last year we were approached by a Windows developer with a lot of experience building writing apps. So we took the leap. We now have a really solid version one, and basically, we could just go live. What are we waiting for?

We would like to turn the solid version 1.0 into a stellar version iA Writer for Windows. With your help, we can expand the testing phase and testing audience to turn iA Writer for Windows into a killer productivity app that doesn’t need to hide behind its Mac counterpart.

Is it really the same app?

Apart from a brand-new text folding feature, iA Writer for Windows looks and works a lot like the first iA Writer for Mac. We’d like to add more languages and a file browser to it. The Kickstarter campaign will give us more room to breathe to add those features.

When can I get it?

If you can’t wait until we have it all wrapped up, the good news is that as a premium supporter you can get access to the current build right away. Premium supporters will also get their name featured in the about window of the app. And they have the opportunity to help us polish the app by participating in the beta program.

As a regular supporter, you’ll get notified when the Kickstarter campaign is over and you’ll get your app delivered to your inbox as soon as it is ready.

We also have an opportunity for corporations to get a sponsoring space inside the app and on the site. We reserve the right accept or reject sponsoring requests as we see fit.

The best way to make iA Writer for Windows become big is to support us on Kickstarter and spread the word. If you know and love iA Writer but you don’t use Windows, please tell everyone you know in the Windows world that your favorite productivity app is coming to their platform.

You can pledge your support on Kickstarter

What does it look like?

iA Writer for Windows on a Microsoft Surface

iA Writer for Windows on a Microsoft Surface

iA Writer for Windows Typewriter Scrolling

Full Screen with Typewriter Scrolling

iA Writer for Windows Writing Goals

Full Screen with Writing Goals

iA Writer for Windows Full Screen

Full Screen with Menu

iA Writer for Windows Full Screen in Night Mode

Full Screen with Night Mode

iA Writer for Windows first sentence

Get Started

iA Writer for Windows Focus Mode with Sentence Focus

Focus Mode with Sentence Focus

iA Writer for Windows Focus Mode, set to Paragraph Focus

Focus Mode, Set to Paragraph Focus

iA Writer for Windows Markdown

Writing Markdown

iA Writer for Windows with Folding


iA Writer for Windows with expanded Headline

Expanded Headline

You can pledge your support on Kickstarter

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