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Presenter 101

Just getting started with iA Presenter? Learn the basics in under 10 minutes with these short videos.

1. The Interface

iA Presenter is made up of the Editor (center), slide thumbnails (left), the Inspector (right), and Presentation Mode (Play button). This video shows where to find them all:

You’ll find full details on these topics in our Core Components of Presenter article.

2. Write Your Story

Add slide headings and speaker notes in the Editor using Markdown. If you don’t know Markdown, don’t worry—simply select the formatting you want from the Inspector’s Text panel.

What you write will either be text on slides, or speech. You can easily set this from the Inspector too. Keep text on slides to the absolute minimum. Lots of text and bullet points will bore your audience.

A good presentation is all about telling a presentation tips. So if you already have speaker notes you want to reuse, go ahead and import them. And be sure to select unique, impactful pictures. Here’s a quick rundown:

3. Create Slides

Designing can be a pain, so we made it easy. As you enter headings and text, iA Presenter will help you choose an ideal layout. If you have time, go ahead and experiment.

We also crafted beautiful Themes and Layouts. They’re responsive, which means your slides will look great on any display or device. Ready to have some fun?

4. Practice and Present

Next, try Presentation Mode and choose how you want to present your story. For example, you can present showing separate windows for you and your audience. Take a minute to learn how to navigate your slides, whether you’re presenting online or onsite:

5. Share and Aftercare

Once you’re done presenting, use iA Presenter to share your slides with your audience, with or without pictures. You can export your slides as PowerPoint, PDF, and other formats. Finally, you can also export using different layouts.

There’s more help if you need it. Check out our Support Site articles to discover how else iA Presenter can make presenting a joy, not a chore.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing a problem that our support section doesn’t solve please reach out to us. We take a break on the weekends (JST), but during weekdays we aim to reply within 1-2 business days.


Presenter 101

Discover the main features of iA Presenter in under 10 minutes with these short videos.

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iA Presenter’s user interface is currently available in English, while presentation content supports left-to-right language text.