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Presenter 101

Short on time before your presentation? Uncover the ins and outs of iA Presenter through this brief video series.

Learn how to craft your narrative, create your slides, and utilize the Presentation Mode – all the essential features are explained in under 2 minutes each.

1. Quick Tour

For a swift grasp of the app’s functionality, we guide you through its interface and key elements:

Prefer written content? You’ll find a comprehensive coverage of these topics in our introductory Support article: Core Components of Presenter

2. Writing your story

Ready to compose your first story in Presenter? Discover the Editor and delve into the potential of Markdown. If you’re not yet familiar with Markdown, no worries, The Inspector has got you covered.

We also share our perspective on writing great stories, steering clear of common pitfalls like information overload and bullet-point fatigue. If you have a pre-existing speech, use as its best the capabilities of the Import feature.

3. Design your slides

Become a Skillful Visual Storyteller: build tension between what you show and what you say.

The iA designers have crafted pre-designed Themes harmonizing typography and colors with finesse. Take your pick from different Layouts, all of them being responsive: your slides will adapt automatically to different devices. Goodbye to static design.

4. Practice & Present

Your presentation is ready? Time to rehearse and showcase it. Discover all the possibilities of the Presentation Mode featuring separate windows for both you and your audience. Learn how to Navigate Your Slides and present efficiently onsite.

Opting for an online presentation? No worries, Presenter seamlessly integrates with third-party software like Zoom.

5. Share & Aftercare

Your presentation is complete, now it’s time to distribute materials to your audience. Presenter comes with an array of Export choices, ranging from PowerPoint to PDF formats.

You enjoyed our themes but desire a touch of personalization for your next work? Discover Presenter’s Theme Builder.

Lastly, whenever you require assistance, feel free to revisit various articles on the Support Site for Presenter, to use the app to its full capacities.


Presenter 101

A tutorial video series to discover in less than 2 min the features of Presenter.

Core Components

A quick tour of Presenter for first-time users.

Markdown Guide

Learn Markdown in a few minutes or refresh your knowledge with this guide designed for Presenter.


Your story-telling base. Focus on getting content down, Presenter will handle the design.

Fast Love

The default presentation you see when opening Presenter: a fun tutorial to get you started.

Presentation Tips

Great presentations are really great stories. It’s great stories that move people, not stock images, bullet points, or diagrams.


The interface of Presenter is in English but any Left to Right languages are supported for the presentation's content.