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When Writer started it ran on one device (the iPad 1) and was used by a few thousand writers. With over a million people from various fields working with our app on a wide range of devices, we cannot make one-size-fits-all decisions anymore.

We now offer a wide range of options to fit the various use cases, professional and personal needs. We are doing our best to limit the options to the absolutely necessary ones. What is and isn’t necessary is based on user feedback.
There are some options in our settings that might puzzle you. Rest assured that each and every switch in there is useful to a rather large group of people regularly using our app.

You can access the Preferences for iA Writer in two ways:
– by clicking the ⚙️ at the top of the Library
– from the menu FilePreferences

Preferences are divided into 5 tab groups:

  1. Library
  2. Editor
  3. Templates
  4. Advanced
  5. Style Check

Library Preferences

Editor Preferences

*For in depth explanation of iA Writer Mono, Duo, and Quattro please read our blog entry on Duospace and on iA Writer Mono, Duo, and Quattro

Templates Preferences

Advanced Preferences

Style Check