iA Writer allows you to store your documents in-app (PIN protection available) or in a cloud based storage Location.

Device: Work with files store inside the app. This location is not visible/accessible to your device’s filesystem or other apps. When the app is PIN protected, content store here cannot be accessed without inputting PIN.

Dropbox: Work with files stored in a Dropbox folder. On first use you will be prompted to enter Dropbox credentials and approve iA Writer access to link your account.

Google Drive: Work with files stored in a Google Drive folder. On first use you will be prompted to grant access to Contacts to link your associated Google account.

You can maintain files in any or all working Locations.

*Note: Uninstalling or deleting iA Writer or clearing app storage (Android settings) will delete any documents stored in Device! Please transfer or export documents from this Location prior to uninstalling/deleting the app.

Flexible file management from within the Library:

*Note: Move changes a file’s location within the file hierarchy of one storage medium. Transfer moves it between storages (e.g., Documents → Dropbox)