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The Editor is where you will spend most of your time with iA Writer. We worked hard to achieve the same typographical experience here as found in our other apps.

Using the Editor

Tap the document body to start writing. The menu at the top of the screen will be hidden, allowing you to focus on your text.

If you use Markdown to format your document, iA Writer’s Auto Markdown will give you instant feedback.

To reveal the menu, dismiss the keyboard. This can be done using Android’s hide keyboard button or by swiping down on the text area.

The Keyboard Bar

The additional row of keys in iA Writer’s keyboard bar allows you to quickly add Markdown formatting. Tap and hold one of these keys for an extended selection.

Key Keys Shown on Long Press
H1 H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
Italics (Emphasis) Bold (Importance), Strikethrough, Add link, Footnote
Task list Unordered list, Ordered list
Tick current task list item Nil
Paste Copy, Cut
Redo* Nil
Undo* Nil

* Changing to a different app or quitting Writer will reset your Undo/Redo history.