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Export, Print

iA Writer is a plain-text editor but, with a plethora of ways to export your text, it helps you produce beautiful and professional documents.

Export Formats

Writer for Android lets you export a document to various formats.

Format Notes
PDF | .pdf Universal format that’s great for sharing and for printing at a later time. Template styling is applied and locked in so you can share beautiful finished documents.
MS Word | .docx Widely recognized and accepted document format. Great for sharing content that will later be edited, formatted or styled in Word.
HTML | .html The language of the web. Great for sharing a document’s content to popular blogging or content management systems (CMS).
Markdown | .md Unformatted, unstyled, plain-text file format which can be opened across a wide range of systems and apps. Preserves your original MD syntax so you can work with this in other Markdown editors/apps.

You can export your files either from the Editor or Preview.

Printing and PDF Export

You can print from either the Editor or Preview by tapping the share button (top-right).

Preview determines what Export and Print will look like, so we recommend always checking Preview before exporting or printing your document.

You can change the appearance of your export by selecting another Template.