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Publish to blogging platforms

Are you using iA Writer to draft blog posts before uploading them on your website?

This is a common workflow for writers and to make the process easier for you, we have created the Publish option: it allows you to share drafts of your text directly from iA Writer to various blogging platforms.

iA Writer for Android currently provides this option for:
– Medium
– WordPress


  1. On the Medium website, go to your Settings → Integration Tokens
  2. Enter a description (for example “iA Writer”) and get your token
  3. Add the token to iA Writer using: Token


iA Writer supports a variety of WordPress setups:
1. Publish to, and to WordPress sites with Jetpack plugin
2. Publish directly to WordPress sites with WordPress 5.6 or later.

To add a WordPress account, follow the authorization flow in: SettingsExportWordPress

Publish Posts

Once you have added your blogging account(s) to iA Writer, you can start publishing your drafts directly from our app.

You will see the option Publish appearing now under Export either from the Editor or Preview.

To share a post simply select Share ButtonPublish on...

*If you do not see the Publish option, set up again your account.

iA Writer will create a new draft and open it in your browser every time you share a blog post.