Release Notes


  • Added library access to public device storage
  • Added a setting to disable horizontal swipes between activities
  • Added the “Iconic” template
  • Updated Dropbox integration
  • Added a Russian interface translation


  • Added a word counter, activate it in the “View” menu of the editor.
  • Improved styling and size of the keyboard extension.
  • Publish on or on any JetPack enabled WordPress blog.


  • Full access to Google Drive, with offline functionality.


  • List Autocomplete
  • Task Lists
  • Dropbox V2 API Integration


  • List Autocomplete
  • Task Lists
  • Dropbox V2 API Integration


  • Settings, including a possibility to set the font size
  • Publish to
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements


  • Preview with full MultiMarkdown support
  • Export as HTML/PDF/MS Word
  • Writer can now handle substantially larger documents
  • fixed 3 edge case crashes in Preview
  • Hardware keyboard navigation support


  • Added keyboard extension


  • Night mode
  • Storage access: open any text file on your device or on compatible external storage services
  • File sorting: by name, last modification date or size
  • New menu styling: increased focus on the editor and more efficient switching between file systems


  • Google Drive integration
  • File and folder management for all three file systems
  • Improved hardware keyboard support, keyboard shortcuts
  • Touch animations

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