App Store FAQ

App not in Purchases

iA Writer apps are distributed via Apple’s App Stores. If you’ve purchased iA Writer and would like to reinstall it, but can’t find it in App, there are five possibilities:

1. You purchased the app using a different Apple ID

Please log in using that Apple ID to install or upgrade Writer.

2. You purchased an iA Writer app for Mac, rather than for iPhone

Apple does not offer a method for developers to bundle apps between the Mac and iOS App Stores. As such, the Mac app and the iPad/iPhone app are separate programs, and need to be purchased separately.

3. You purchased iA Writer and then changed App Store regions.

Apple doesn’t carry over purchases from other regions so you may not see it in your Purchased history if you’ve changed regions since you originally bought the app.

4. You purchased the app, but the App Store has forgotten about this

Double-check that you’re logged in using the Apple ID you originally used to purchase, then click the Buy Now button. After entering your password you’ll see a dialog informing you you’ve already purchased the app, and there’s no charge.

5. You accidentally hid the app

It is possible to hide previously purchased apps. To unhide, follow the steps outlined in Apple’s Hiding and unhiding purchases support article.

Can I Get a Refund?

We’re sorry Writer is not meeting your expectations—please let us know the problem and we’ll do our best to help.

As Apple handles all purchasing and distribution matters for App Store apps, if you would still like a refund please use one of the methods below to request one.

Request a refund using your email invoice

  1. Find the invoice for iA Writer, sent by “iTunes Store”
  2. In the email click on the link under iA Writer that says “Report a Problem”
  3. Select a problem and add any additional comments

Request a refund using iTunes

  1. Open iTunes, sign into the account you used to purchase Writer with, and click on your email address in the top left
  2. In the menu, select Account
  3. Under Purchase History select See All
  4. Click Report a Problem
  5. Locate iA Writer in the list of apps, then click the text Report a Problem to the right of it
  6. Select a problem and add any additional comments