Release Notes

We’re constantly working to improve iA Writer. Here’s a breakdown on what we’ve added to each release.


  • Removed keyboard bar in landscape on iPhone SE to better view the editor
  • Fixed a crash on iOS10


  • Improved support for future iOS versions
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard bar could not be hidden


  • Fix for keyboard bar layout on 10.5 inch iPad Pro


  • Fixed crash on iOS 10.3


  • Fixed crash on iOS 10.3 beta


  • Improved performance and stability


  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in editor could periodically stop
  • Defined CSS files as to be processed as code
  • Fixed an issue where preview scroll bar could be invisible with some templates
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Markdown was disabled for files in Dropbox
  • Improved performance and stability


  • Added CSV delimiter detection
  • Added caption support for source code content blocks
  • Enabled SVG image content blocks
  • Set up Markdown export to use default extension
  • Switched to fixed width numbers in tables in standard templates
  • Improved performance and stability


Embed Local Images

  • Include images from iCloud Library in your documents (.png, .gif, .jpg)
  • Add images from the camera roll or take a photo directly
  • Images are uploaded to Medium and WordPress when sharing a draft

Embed Tables

  • Include comma separated value files as tables in your documents (.csv)
  • Create advanced tables using MultiMarkdown

Embed Text Files

  • Build a manuscript from several chapters in separate files
  • Embedded source code files are added as code blocks
  • Nest text files into each other

Note: Embedding only works for files in the same folder (or subfolders) as the master file. You can’t embed files in a parallel or higher directory.

Other Improvements

  • New button in keyboard bar to quickly embed images, tables and text files
  • Added Project Archive export for sharing all embedded files together (.zip)
  • UI improvements to Library
  • Added file info popover in Library
  • Changed Chinese font in editor to Ping Fang
  • Performance optimizations and improvements


Custom Templates

  • Preview, create PDFs, and print documents in your own style
  • Templates are web pages. Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to lay out your documents
  • Add your own templates via AirDrop
  • Open templates and template archives in iA Writer from Mail or iCloud Drive
  • Download extra templates from iA Writer’s Web Site
  • Learn more about templates in Help

Page Breaks

  • Add page breaks to printed documents and PDFs
  • Insert with +++ on an empty line

Title Pages

  • Print and export PDFs with a title page
  • Default templates show document name and author on the title page
  • Set the author in Preferences

Other Improvements

  • Added option to change default file extension in Settings
  • Updated to MultiMarkdown 5.3
  • Fixed buttons titles when resolving conflicts
  • Fixed an issue where preview scrolled to top top after changing a template


Share to WordPress

  • Add your account in Settings
  • Create drafts on your WordPress site with File > Share > New Draft on WordPress

Other Improvements

  • Excluded links from reading time and text statistics
  • Improved automatic name generation
  • Fixed Korean input issue
  • Fixed jumping text in Focus Mode
  • Updated to MultiMarkdown 5.2


iCloud Version Browser

  • Use this to roll back your document to an earlier version
  • Accessed via File > Revert To…
  • Choose an older version to revert document
  • Choose current in addition to older versions to create them as separate files

Focus Mode for Paragraphs

  • Focus Mode can be expanded to the bounds of full paragraphs
  • Accessed via Settings > Focus Mode

Your Table is Ready

  • Tap the Table key in the keyboard bar and set the desired number of rows and columns
  • The required Markdown for the table is created for you instantly

“Share…” to File menu

  • Select “New Draft on Medium” to publish a formatted draft on your Medium account
  • Send plain text straight to the body of an email, or other apps

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added recently opened documents to 3D Touch menu on Home screen
  • Improved typing responsiveness
  • Added an option to hide text excerpts in the Library
  • Improved H6 alignment at the beginning of a page
  • Improved File > Open and File > Import to present a list of available destinations first


Support for MultiMarkdown’s Table of Contents

  • Add {{TOC}} to your documents to have a table of contents generated in Preview
  • TOC button available for the keyboard bar adds this for you
  • An entry is made for each heading in the document
  • Click a TOC entry to jump to that section of the document

Search supports advanced syntax

  • Search for specific terms by quoting "search query"
  • Match the first word of name or text using ^word
  • Use set operators AND, OR, and NOT
  • Search for names or texts that contain a specific word with name:notes or text:"book"
  • See the full description and examples in Help

Added new hardware keyboard shortcuts for structure actions

  • Shift Right tab
  • Shift Left ⇧tab
  • Move Line Up ⌘⌥↑
  • Move Line Down ⌘⌥↓

Other Improvements

  • Improved code block detection
  • Added commands to transform selected text into upper, lower, and title case
  • Added File → Rename


  • Fixed an issue where keyboard was dismissed when toggling night mode from keyboard
  • Fixed issues which happened when typing punctuation from keyboard bar after accepting QuickType predictions
  • Search results are now sorted by relevancy
  • Fixed an issue where Library did not remember paths in Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue where text view could fail to edit
  • Fixed an issue where Preview could fail to sync with Editor
  • Fixed frequent errors when editing documents from File → Open



  • - [x] Tap tasks to mark as completed
  • Improved automatic name generation
  • Added new text structure action buttons and shortcuts
    • Shift Left ⌘[
    • Shift Right ⌘]
    • Move Line Up ⌥⌘[
    • Move Line Down ⌥⌘]
  • Return preserves the amount of leading whitespace


  • Fixed an issue where search was not working for non-Latin scripts
  • Improved performance and stability



  • Export drafts to
  • Localization for Japanese and German
  • Templates:
    • Choose indentation or vertical spacing for paragraphs
    • Choose centered or left-justified headings
  • Header and footer are optional on print/PDF export
  • Improved landscape margins for 6 and 6+ iPhones
  • Add/Remove Files to Local Storage via iTunes
  • Default extension uses last extension change
  • New keys in the keyboard bar config can trigger menu functions


  • Sorting method for Dropbox files is now preserved across restarts
  • Text statistics now start tracking the current file immediately
  • Fixed crashes


The Library

  • Sort documents by A-Z, Date, or Extension
  • Show file extensions
  • Pin/unpin folders
  • Rename files/folders (swipe left)

The Editor

  • Text-based Menus
  • Configurable Keyboard Bar
  • View Word Statistics while typing
  • Import from MS Word (.docx)

The Preview

  • Choose from three typographically refined Templates
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Microsoft Word (.docx)


  • Navigate views by swiping left and right
  • Day Mode and Night Mode affect entire app

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