Tap the button at the top-left of the Library to modify settings for iA Writer.


  • Sort files by Date Modified, Alphabetically, or by Extension
  • “Pin” folders to the top of the Library’s document list
  • Display the file extensions of documents in the Library
  • Show an excerpt of your document’s text in the Library


  • Regular Markdown requires two returns to create a new paragraph. iA Writer lets you do it with one
  • If you are using MultiMarkdown metadata, you can disable it from being shown in the preview


  • Choose between centered or left-justified headings in the templates
  • Choose to indent new paragraphs or separate them with an empty line

Third-Party Services

  • Add/Remove your account
  • Add/Remove your WordPress account
  • Add/Remove your Dropbox account


  • Include headers or footers in your printed documents and exported PDFs


  • Open these help files
  • Visit our support pages online
  • Contact us via Twitter

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