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Preview, create PDFs, and print documents in your own style with templates in iA Writer.

The templates determine the style of your text in Preview and Print with elements such as the fonts, the margins, the line height, etc…

Built-in templates

iA Writer comes with 5 built-in templates:

You can display them in Web mode or PDF mode. Here is a quick peek of each of them side by side in PDF mode:

Classic | Modern

Mono | Duo | Quattro

Additional templates

The iA Writer’s team has created additional templates that you can download from GitHub.


Simple, Clean | Download


A classic for prose | Download

Academic MLA (iOS & Mac)

For academic writing | Download

Create your own

CSS and HTML DIY | Learn more

Installing Templates

Please follow these steps to install those additional templates on macOS:

Note: Mac Template bundles are copied when installed. Any changes made to the original bundle will not be visible in iA Writer.
You may modify the installed bundles: to find an installed bundle, right-click one in Preferences and select “Show in Finder”.

Custom templates

Users comfortable with code (CSS, HTML, and JS) can create custom templates tailored to their own tastes.
For more on this please see our dedicated page: Custom Templates.

It is also possible to override some of the CSS for a selected template by adding an HTML style block in your document. This solution is great for users who aren’t comfortable with code or those who just want to add a few changes (font size or font color for example), without creating a template.

You can see the code and CSS classes to target by enabling the Web Inspector in Preview.