The Library

Providing easy access to all your files, the Library is comprised of three sections:

3.3.1. The Menu Bar

The Library’s Menu Bar contains a Settings button, a Navigation menu, and a button to create new files or folders.
A < button appears at the top left when you are inside a folder, allowing you to go back.

Tap Search to enter a search term. As you type, the document list will display all files containing the search term. This is a powerful way to find references between documents. For example: in a novel with documents for each chapter, you can quickly find the chapters in which a specific character is mentioned.

Advanced Search

iA Writer also offers improved ways to search through your documents.

Search Matches
name:alice Document name contains alice*
text:"rabbit" Document text that contains rabbit
name:^"note" First word of document name is note
^first First word of document name or text is first*
time AND space Document name or text contains time* and space*
time OR "space" time* or space
time NOT space time* but not space*
time NEAR space time* and space* with 10 or less terms in-between
time NEAR/3 "space" time* and space with 3 or less terms in-between
(time AND life) OR "me" time* and life*, or me
text machine text* machine*
"text* machine" text* machine

NB: Only a single word is supported for queries with name: or text: prefix

3.3.3. The File List

The heart of the Library pane is the file and folder list. Documents are listed with their title and last modified date, while folders are given a different color and shorter height to make them easily distinguishable.

  • Tap a folder to display its contents in the list
  • Tap a document to open it in the Editor

Swiping a document to the left reveals the following actions:

  • Rename to change the document’s fine name
  • Move to move the document into another folder, or create a new folder
  • Delete permanently deletes the document—a confirmation alert is shown before deletion