Smart Folders

Normal folders are static; Smart folders are dynamic. Which files are found in a smart folder depends on the rules which govern it. New files can find their way into a smart folder with no user interaction at all.

iA Writer comes default with a single smart folder: Recents. This is a list of the 25 most recently used files, across the whole Library.

You can create your own smart folders too. At the top of the Library, tap the “Edit” button then “New Smart Folder”. You will be presented with a view where the parameters of the folder are prescribed.

  1. First, give your new folder a name
  2. Choose whether results should match all the rules provided or any (at least one)
  3. Tap “New Rule” to create a rule and repeat as necessary
  4. Choose whether to limit results to 25 items or limitless
  5. Choose a custom sort method for this folder, if desired

Creating Rules

Rules are read from the top of the screen down.

Search: With this selected, documents which match the provided text will be included.

Extension: Use this rule to include or exclude specific file extensions.

Kind: If you want to exclude folders from showing in your results, adding a rule of this type is a good idea.


If you’ve been adding images to your Library since content blocks were made available, it might be nice to have a central repository. Time for a smart folder.

  1. Gives the smart folder the name “Images”
  2. Choose that any of the following rules will apply
  3. Create one rule for each image extension you want to include