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We’ve worked hard to make iA Writer apps stable and reliable, but sometimes problems occur. Here are some things you can do if you have problems with iA Writer for iOS.

Recover Old Versions

If some of your changes are lost, a file is overwritten with an outdated version, or you accidentally delete a file, you may still be able to recover an earlier version of your document:

Browse Backups: Access local backups of your edited files. In the Library, long press on a document, folder or Location then choose “Browse Backups” to see backed up documents.

iCloud: Access prior versions of a document. In the Library, gently swipe a file to the left, tap “More…” and then choose “Browse Versions” to see all previously saved version of the current document.

It’s very important to us that your data is safe, and we hope you will not have to use these recovery techniques. As your document may appear missing for other reasons (such as changing iCloud settings), if you have any problems like this please try the following suggestions.

Common Fixes

  1. Make a new document and see if the problem persists
  2. Restart your device (hold down the Power button for a few seconds, slide to power down, then repeat to start)
  3. If you’re having iCloud problems, please read our article on “iCloud Troubleshooting
  4. Try reinstalling Writer
    • Make sure you’ve backed up locally stored documents using iTunes file sharing (if you don’t use iCloud), and that your cloud-based documents are synced
    • Tap and hold the iA Writer icon, then tap “Remove App”
    • Reinstall iA Writer from the App Store under Purchased apps section
  5. If you’re still having problems, please contact us at [email protected].