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Keyboard Shortcuts

iA Writer includes a number of keyboard shortcuts.

On iOS devices with connected keyboards, you can press and hold button at any time to see all available keyboard shortcuts for current screen.


N New
N New Window
O Quick Search
Open file or activate action
Open file in new window
Open a link in Editor
-click Open a link in Editor
click Open a link in Preview
Wikilinks Open a document or create a new one, ready to type
Text content blocks Open a document or create a new one, ready to type
Hashtags Shown in Quick Search
Links Open in default browser
Emails New draft in default mail client
URL commands Run if allowed

Document Navigation

Go to previous document
Go to next document


N Dark or light appearance
S Show or hide Library on iPad
R Show or hide Preview


Begin editing


1–6 Heading 1–6
L List
L Task list
L Ordered list
L Ordered task list
X Mark task as completed
Move selected line up
Move selected line down


B Bold
I Italic
U Strikethrough
U Highlight
K Link
K Image link
K Wikilink
K Footnote
J Code
J Code block


D Enable or disable Focus Mode
D Enable or disable Syntax Highlight
D Enable or disable Style Checking

Copy and paste

C Copy selected text
C Copy formatted selected text
C Copy selected text as HTML
C Copy selected text as Markdown
V Paste


F Find
F Find and replace
E Use selection for find
G Find next
G Find previous

Move caret to

Previous character
Next character
Previous line
Next line
Start of line
End of line
Start of document
End of document
One word left
One word right
Start of this or previous line
End of this or next line

Text Size

+ Make text larger
- Make text smaller
0 Default text size