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iA Writer is a plain-text editor but, with a plethora of ways to export your text, it helps you produce beautiful and professional documents.

Export Formats

Writer for Windows lets you export a document to various formats.

Format Notes
PDF | .pdf Universal format that’s great for sharing and for printing at a later time. Template styling is applied and locked in so you can share beautiful finished documents
MS Word | .docx Widely recognized and accepted document format. Great for sharing content that will later be edited, formatted or styled in Word.
HTML | .html The language of the web. Great for sharing a documents’s content to popular blogging or content management systems (CMS).
Markdown | .md Unformatted, unstyled, plain-text file format which can be opened across a wide range of systems and apps. Preserves your original MD syntax so you can work with this in other Markdown editors/apps.

You can export your file by navigating to menu:

PDF Export Options

PDF documents exported via FileExport… use the same options as FilePrint…. To change formattion options like adding title page, headers, or footers, go to menu: FilePreferences…Templates

Importing Text

Import a Microsoft® Office document

iA Writer for Windows lets you import Microsoft Word .docx documents, and will convert basic formatting to the equivalent Writer flavored Markdown formatting.
You can import .docx documents via the menu: FileImport. Then, select the .docx file you’d like to import

MS Word Markdown

The following formatting can be converted when importing from or exporting to .docx files:

iA Writer Formatting Markdown Conversion MS Word Formatting
Emphasis * or _ Italics
Importance ** or __ Bold
Underline Doesn’t exist Underline
Strikethrough ~ Strikethrough
Inline code ` Code character style
Links []() Hyperlinks
Reference links [][] Hyperlinks
Image alt text ![…]() “[…]”
Headings ####### Heading 1-6 styles
Unordered lists * or - or + Bulleted list style
Ordered lists 1. Numbered list style
Blockquote > Quote style

Styling: While export converts formatting (e.g. bold text) your exported document’s styling (including font, font size, colours, etc.) should be manipulated in MS Word.