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iA Writer for Windows includes a Preview to show a formatted view of your active document.

The Preview is integrated in the app window and can scroll in parallel with the Editor. You can disable the parallel scrolling in FilePreferencesEditorSynchronize Scroll if you wish to scroll the panes independently.

To Reveal or Conceal the Preview

Do one of the following:

iA Writer 1.2+ supports swipe gestures to show/hide the Preview too. These can be enabled in FilePreferencesAdvancedUse Swipe Gestures. Using gestures on the left side of the iA Writer window will affect the Library while gestures on the right will affect the Preview.


iA Writer for Windows offers a selection of built-in templates to style your text. You can select which one to use in the dropdown menu at the top of the Preview. Exporting your text to PDF will also use this same style.

If you are familiar with HTML/CSS, it is possible to create your own templates and import them into iA Writer. Please see our specification on GitHub for further details.

PDF Preview

iA Writer 1.2+ offers an integrated PDF preview as well as the standard HTML preview. This allows you to see exactly how your full document will be rendered in an exported PDF, including page breaks, title page, headers and footers.

You can toggle the PDF Preview by clicking the switch at the top right of the Preview window. If you make changes to your document, you can click the refresh button at the bottom right of the PDF preview to see these changes reflected.

A little extra

If you are familiar with web development, you surely know the inspector tool lets you see parts of the code rendered by the page, such as HTML and CSS. You can enable the Web Inspector tool in the Preview, in case you wanted to know what’s your document like, under the hood.

On Windows, you can enable the Chromium inspector by using Ctrl J.