Release Notes

We’re constantly working to improve iA Writer. Here’s a breakdown on what we’ve added to each release.


Integrated Library

  • Add any folder from your PC to the Library
  • Files you use frequently can be Favorited so they are always at hand
  • Right click on files or folders to Favorite, rename, show in Explorer, delete or change the sort order of the Library file list
  • Show or hide the Library from the View menu using Ctrl+E

Document Outlines

  • When you select a file in the Library, its headings are shown as an outline
  • Click any heading in the outline to jump to that section of the document in the Editor

MS Word Export

  • Now you can export your Markdown documents in .docx format
  • Images, tables, footnotes and other esoteric formatting is all supported

Typographic Improvements

  • Refined typeface adjusts to different screen resolutions

Other Improvements

  • Improved scrolling
  • Find/Replace no longer requires the use of a mouse; tab through to each button you need
  • Word Goal default is no longer reset on relaunch
  • Scrollbar is now hidden in Typewriter Mode
  • Fixed text margin calculation issue
  • First underscore in filenames now appear in title bar
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Save As
  • Added accessiblity mode available through user_settings.json in AppData/Roaming/iA Writer
  • Added option to force software rendering in user_settings.json (useful with some graphics cards)



  • Updated iA Writer Duospace to current version
  • Added option in user settings to disable GPU rendering
  • Improved text folding behavior
  • Improved state restore on relaunch
  • Documents are no longer reloaded after a crash


  • Fixed a crash when restoring state



  • Added Cyrillic to iA Writer Duospace and Plex templates
  • Ability to change Focus Mode using radio buttons
  • Improved state restore where file has been modified outside iA Writer


  • Improved encoding detection (preventing possible crashes)
  • Updated frameworks and their detection, avoiding crashes
  • Refactored backups to avoid additional crashes



  • Recall window positions and sizes
  • Reload document with previously folded sections
  • Table commands added to main menu


  • Improved menu fade out on typing
  • Fixed synchronous scroll of Editor and Preview
  • Localization improvements
  • Line length now correctly recalled on relaunch
  • Fixed a crash when exiting fullscreen


  • Hotfix for crashes on older versions of Windows


  • Improvements for HiDPI screens
  • Improved localizations
  • Added Reset Defaults to View menu
  • Ctrl+V no longer adds Markdown to pasted URLs
  • Ctrl+K now uses a selected text as link text
  • Shift+Enter now adds a line break, like Mac
  • Default export filename now matches source document
  • Last used extension is used for new documents
  • Floating stats bubble is disabled by default
  • Added integrated crash reporting
  • Added new installer icon
  • Fixed crashes
  • Various smaller improvments and bug fixes


Focus Mode

In iA Writer, when typing, all the window dressing fades away and you are left with a simple white page on which to write. iA Writer also lets you train your focus on the current sentence or paragraph, dimming the surrounding text. This concentrates your attention on the individual words and ideas at the cursor’s edge.

Night Mode

iA Writer for Windows offers two principle themes: one for the day and one for at night. If you’re working late on your latest project you’ll appreciate this dark theme.

Simple Formatting

A well written document is not merely a collection of words scattered across the page. Headings, paragraphs, quotes, lists and more make up the building blocks of an organized piece of text.

iA Writer allows you to structure your text without the need for a mouse, by only typing a few simple characters. It’s familiar, and it’s also subtly formatted on-screen with Writer’s Auto Markdown.

Text Statistics

All versions of iA Writer include word and character counts. They also provide “Reading Time” which estimates how long it takes to read through your document. New in this version is the ability to add a “Word Goal” for the current file.

Further Benefits

  • Preview and HTML Export
  • Embed Images and Tables
  • GitHub TaskList Support

Improvments from alpha

  • Save dialog now recalls last used extension
  • Added KS Premium Backer list to About
  • Improved menu layouts
  • Removed Start Menu Folder from Install
  • Fixed a bug where Ctrl+L kept list marker highlighted
  • Fixed toggle of Focus Mode using keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed incorrect insets when going full screen
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed various smaller bugs

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