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Syntax Highlight

iA Writer for Windows now includes iA’s signature Syntax Highlighting feature.

Highlighting syntax provides you with a more structured view of your document and can help you spot typos and improve your writing style (more about that here and here).

Enable Syntax Highlight

You can enable Syntax Highlight via the toggle found in the Focus menu:

You can specify which parts of speech are highlighted by checking/unchecking options found under the toggle switch. For example in the menu shown below you can see Nouns and Verbs are selected:

In the text both parts are clearly identified by their corresponding colours.

Syntax Highlight also works well in conjunction with Focus Mode allowing you to see your structure down to sentence-level:

Language Support

iA Writer for Windows supports Syntax Highlighting for English documents.

If your document contains non-English text you may see a warning dialog letting you know that the document is not supported for Syntax Highlight:

Working With Syntax Highlight

There is no right or wrong way to work with the feature enabled. Different writers all have different needs and workflows.

It is important to note, Syntax Highlight does not make any changes to your content and you’ll never see the parts of speech highlighted in Preview, printed or exported documents…

If you are not familiar with iA Writer yet, you can check out Style Check, a similar feature to Syntax Highlight providing you suggestions to improve your text.