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iA Writer provides an integrated Library to give you quick access to your most used files. You can add any file or folder from your PC to the Library, including those from iCloud Drive for Windows, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

To Reveal or Conceal the Library

Do one of the following:

iA Writer 1.2+ supports swipe gestures to show/hide the Library too. These can be enabled in FilePreferencesAdvancedUse Swipe Gestures. Using gestures on the left side of the iA Writer window will affect the Library while gestures on the right will affect the Preview.

Add Files or Folders to the Library

Do one of the following:

Move Files

Embed Files in the Editor

Drag a text file, image or CSV from the File List right onto the Editor to have it embedded in the current document. You’ll see your additional text, image or table render in the Preview.

This is a great way to group many smaller texts into a larger manuscript.

Focused Outline

Once a document in the File List is clicked, its headings are shown as an outline of the entire document. Click any heading in the Outline to jump to that section of the document in the Editor. Just like Focus Mode, only the section of the document you are editing is highlighted in the Outline, so you always know exactly where you are.

Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the File List on files or folders to rename, move, delete or display them in File Explorer. You can also create a new folder in the currently shown folder through this menu.

Library Preferences

Access these in FilePreferencesLibrary. Here you can: