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We’ve worked hard to make Writer stable and reliable, but sometimes problems occur. Here are some things you can do if you have problems with iA Writer.


Many issues can be resolved by closing an affected app and restarting the device. Please try this as a first step for troubleshooting any issue.

Reinstalling App

Reinstalling iA Writer may resolve issues with the app. Prior to uninstalling the app, please verify current any progress has saved. You can:

*Please check your documents stored in Dropbox and Google Drive have correctly synced by logging in to their web console or verify in their file storage apps.

To reinstall iA Writer for Windows:

  1. Back up your documents, then close iA Writer
  2. Open Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove iA Writer from there
  3. Ensure the iA Writer folder is removed from the Program Files directory (if not, delete it manually.)
  4. Delete the library.json and user_settings.json files found in: C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Roaming\iA Writer
  5. Restart the computer
  6. Download the most recent version of iA Writer here

*It’s important to make sure certain folders are deleted/created properly so make sure to complete each step.

Dropbox | Google Drive | iCloud | OneDrive

From time to time connectivity issues or other problems can cause issues with cloud storage Locations. In general even if you cannot access a document in-app or have inadvertently deleted a file, you should be able to recover these from the service’s app or web console.

For specific instructions please select the service below:

Dropbox | Google Drive | iCloud | OneDrive

An internet connection is required to access, or synchronize files stored in cloud locations. Please ensure that your device has a proper internet connection.

If you are still unable to access documents please attempt to add and remove the Location or folder from iA Writer’s Library:

  1. Right-click on the Location
  2. Selecting “Remove from Library”
  3. Quit iA Writer and restart device
  4. Launch iA Writer and add Location using ‘Add to Library” button

Specific Issues

License Key not recognized after an update

Please email us and include the following details so that we can best support you:

  1. Affected license key (if known)
  2. Email address used at time of purchase
  3. Email address used to register iA Writer
  4. Paddle invoice number

The app doesn’t launch saying it needs a .NET Framework.

iA Writer for Windows requires .NET version 4.6.2. This is a free download provided by Microsoft. You can get it from here.

The app was installed correctly, but nothing appears when you launch it

iA Writer 1.2 added a brand new engine to render the Preview, so you may be missing a required component from Microsoft. Most systems have this component by default, but it appears a select few do not.

If you don’t see anything when launching the app, please try installing the x64 version of the component available from Microsoft here.