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Versions & Backups

We’ve all been there. You open a document, only to find that 3 hours of writing progress you made the day before is…nowhere to be found!

Be it due to poor cloud sync behaviour or other issue, iA Writer for Windows includes a built-in local backup of edits, just in case.

Restoring Edits

To restore a document to a prior point, or attempt lost progress recovery:

  1. Locate file in Library (if file cannot be found skip to Restoring Deleted File section)
  2. Right-click
  3. Select Browse Backups
  4. Navigate to desired backup
  5. Select Restore

Restoring Deleted File

  1. In the Library pane right-click on Location (if you are unsure where document was originally stored, you can check each individually)
  2. Select Browse Backups
  3. Navigate to desired backup
  4. Select Restore

Cloud Storage Troubleshooting

In addition to built-in backups, files originally stored in a cloud storage provider service (including Microsoft’s native OneDrive) may be versioned/backed up by the provider.

We recommend visiting your cloud storage provider’s desktop/web console to see what options are available. For some of the most popular options please see:

Dropbox | Google Drive | iCloud | OneDrive